The Designer and CEO of Gianni Lazzaro opened his Company in 1974 in Duesseldorf, Germany. Scoring with the both, unique Creations and above average Quality crafting, the Company has grown to a Network which employs and engage over two thousand people worldwide. Producing Diamonds and Gems with exclusive partners assure constant supply of highest possible quality in the Companies range. According to tradition, all necessary operations remain in the house owner workshop in Germany where the skilled goldsmith turn the ideas of the Designer into his unique Creations.

An early recognition, has led the Company to specialize in the East European market. Distributing its products with only selected Partners, made the Company to a highly recognized Brand and clearly one of a kind. Serving the both, famous and more high-grade Jewellery Lovers, the Company provides a full range of Services. Not only that each Design can be custom made, also Gems and Diamond colors can be chosen to fit the Clients needs.

Successful collaboration between Dimants and Gianni Lazzaro since 1994.